IT Consultancy

With over 13 years experience in a business IT environment, I have the knowledge and skills to quickly understand what your IT needs are, and how best to resolve them. With a vast number of on-premise IT solutions as well as the cloud based offerings, I can ensure you're using technology to your advantage.

Web Development

Web development and building websites is at the core of what I do. I base all my website builds on WordPress, which means huge flexibility with and the freedom to customise websites as the client wants. Did you know around 33% of the worlds websites, run on WordPress?

Sysadmin & Networks

I help maintain small business computer networks, I offer remote Sysadmin services and part of my IT Support service is to get your systems working well, with viable and tested backup plans as well as working fallbacks. Meaning you can concentrate on your business, knowing your IT won't hold you back.


Are you unsure about what your business needs in terms of computer hardware and software?  Don’t worry, call to discuss your options. With just one consultation meeting you could resolve your problems and have a plan in place to move your business forward.

Hardware Upgrades
Software Choices
Upgrade Plans
Backup Systems

Virus / Spyware Protection

Virus and spyware protection is a must have for any computer these days, a single virus can bring down your whole network, meaning your data could be compromised. jh IT solutions can install and configure effective antivirus software which will help prevent the risks of infections, protection doesn’t have to cost a fortune either with many products available to suit your needs from a range of budgets.

If one of your computers is already infected, we can help – call now to book a visit, the compromised computer can be cleaned and returned to normal working operation.

Anti-Virus Solutions
Spyware Protection
Network Security
Firewall Systems

Computer Health Checks

Are your computers starting to run slowly? Does booting up take too long? If so let's book in some health checks. With a full system health check your computer will be cleaned, both physically and virtually, software will be updated, antivirus software will be checked and tested, and disks will be defragmented to speed up disk drive access.

Disk Defrag
Physical Clean
Software Updates
Disk Checks

Backup Solutions

With computers being used for almost everything nowadays – chances are your businesses important documents and data is stored on a server or computer.  This means having an active and reliable backup system in place absolutely vital. Call jh IT solutions today to discuss a suitable backup solution for your business that suits your budget. Securing your businesses data doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

Daily Schedules
Full Image Backups
Tested Restoration
Data Recovery

Server Installs / Upgrades

Do you have a server in a data centre and need an experienced pair of hands to help install it or replace it?  Do you have an ageing server that needs replacing with something fast, new and efficient?

Hardware Upgrades
On-Site Support
Physical Installs
System Backups

Email Systems

Do you need help setting up or managing your email systems, from account creation and deletion, to mailbox archiving.  Effective solutions can be implemented to ensure your employees get the most out of their email, whether it be handled by your own central server or individual users collecting email via POP3/IMAP. Are you looking to have an email address that reflects your company name? Call 01722 568 698 to discuss domain names and email setups.

Domain Names
Email Setups
Office365 / Gmail for Business
POP3 / IMAP / Exchange

Router Installs / Upgrades

With internet security getting more and more important, your router needs to be up to the task of protecting your network – it is after all the first line of defence against hacker attacks. Not only can we recommend secure router solutions but we can install and configure them to suit your business needs, with VPN setup, FTP access and remote web workplace just some of the benefits of having a capable router solution in place.

LAN to LAN Setups
Router Upgrades
Wifi Access Points

Website Design and Development

Are you looking to promote your business on the web?  Or do you want a website re-design? Call 01722 568 698 to discuss what your business needs, or visit our portfolio page to check out previous projects.

CMS Websites
Custom Templates

Network Management / Support

Is your business expanding and you need to add more computers to your network?  You may be finding your currently network is running slow and in need of a review? Whether you’re looking to change from a wired network to a more flexible wireless network, or just want another computer added to your network, give us a call for competitive rates on network installation and support.

Network File Sharing
Wireless Networks
LAN to LAN Networks
Wifi Access Points


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